What's this about?

The T.MAC Brewniversity website was created using cutting edge technology to deliver a rich, desktop-like experience for selecting beers for upcoming visits, viewing previous credits earned, and exploring the available information about T.MAC's beer selection. However, this requires a modern web browser that conforms to current web standards. Go to to learn more about web browsers, and to find out you which browser you are currently using.

For the best results

For the best results, use a modern browser with a fast JavaScript engine. Google Chrome, Firefox 4 (and above), and Apple Safari are all good choices. Versions of Internet Explorer 8 and higher will work, but you will see better performance with the other browsers mentioned above.

IE7 and below

Internet Explorer 7 and below do not follow modern web standards and are not capable of rendering the complex layouts used by the standard version Brewniversity. Additionally, the JavaScript engines of these browsers are much slower than their modern equivalents.

If you must use Internet Explorer and are incapable (or unwilling) to upgrade for whatever reason, please use the mobile version of Brewniversity.

Internet Explorer's Compatibility View

Newer versions (8 and above) of Internet Explorer have a "compatibility view" intended to make old web sites work with newer versions of IE. This mode causes Brewniversity to believe it is seeing version 7 of IE. Brewniversity will display a message that may lead you to this page.

This mode will break the Brewniversity web site. Please disable compatibility view for

Find the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings. Use the Remove button to remove any entries in the list if they appear.

Mobile Version of Brewniversity

"Mobile" is perhaps a misnomer in this case, but it's development was driven by two factors: The layout of the standard version assume a larger screen and not all devices are capable of the level of processing required. The important part for users of early versions of Internet Explorer is that the layout is less complex, and JavaScript is not required by the mobile version.

All aspects of Brewniversity are available in the mobile version. The layout of the mobile application should be familiar to users of iOS and Android devices, and it is completely usable on desktop browsers.